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Scheduled Drain Maintenance and Inspection

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Scheduled drain maintenance and inspection services throughout Yorkshire with Yates Jetting Ltd.

Drainage systems go unnoticed and neglected for years, until something goes wrong.

Drains can be subject to subsidence or Collapsed Drain, Impact damage, Crushing and more commonly tree root’s can force their way through the pipes themselves.

Grease and fats build up in drainage lines and over time can create blockage problems which present the potential for costly damage.

Regular maintenance can prevent or advert much of the damage but if you do suspect you have a drainage problem we can help in the following instances.

What we provide:

  • Culvert inspection
  • Foul water drain inspection
  • Internal drainage inspection
  • Drain descaling
  • Fat trap cleaning
  • Septic tank cleaning
  • Property Pre-purchase Inspection
  • Urinal inspection/flushing
  • Annual drainage flush and inspection

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The Services Offered by Yates’s Jetting

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Why Drains Block

Most domestic drains (Drains in the Home) block due to foreign objects being lodged within the drain pipes or a dislodge or dropped pipe which is causing an obstruction.

In most cases we can remove blockages using drain rods with specialist tools attached and should the need arise we use our high pressure water jetting unit which is contained in our drainage van.

How our Drain Jetter Works to Unblock Drains

With pressures up to 3000psi and immense water flow rate of 13 gallons per minute we can direct high pressure jets of water directly onto the blockage.

The sheer force of the water jets has the ability to actually cut through most blockages, the vacuum created by the jetting nozzle in the pipe work pulls back the obstruction whilst cutting it into smaller more manageable pieces.

We can further enhance the cutting power of water using specialist jetting equipment, we have a range of drain cutting nozzles which can cut through a range of material from tree roots to concrete.

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